GOD vs Naturalism

Because of all the conflicting opinions and worldviews, many people are left with lingering and legitimate questions, about the beginning of Creation.  We suggest that you join us, as we look beyond the rhetoric and propaganda, and examine the actual evidence for Creationism vs Naturalism. We believe that God has revealed Himself in two venues: the Book of Scripture, and the Book of Creation (or ”nature”). Romans 1:20 says, “From the Beginning, God’s Divine Power and Character have been clearly seen in and through Creation; so much so, that doubters are without excuse.”

Read BOTH Books

According to these two revelations, God created the Universe, approximately 13.8 billion years ago. He created space, time, matter, and energy, and set them all in motion by declaring the constant of the speed of Light, by declaring, “Let there be Light!”

He then formed the earth about 4.5 billion years ago.

Then about 3.5 billion years ago, He bombarded the Earth with all the necessary chemicals to form life, during the Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB), causing the Earth to become “formless and void.” He then commenced the process of creating life on Earth, by flooding the Earth with life giving water. At that time, the Holy Spirit was hovering above those waters, to begin the incredible process of creating Life!

He started in that vast ocean, with the simplest form of life: Bacteria.

He then started creating the more complex lifeforms, such as crustaceans and fish, about 500 million years ago, during the Cambrian Explosion. Reptiles about 300 million years ago. Mammals about 200 million years ago. And then, He culminated the Creation process, with modern Humans (homo sapiens sapiens), about 100 thousand years ago.

So science (the collective mindset of most scientists) and Genesis agree on almost every point. Except, some folks are perplexed about the Genesis account of Creation, because in most modern English translations, it would appear that God created everything in six literal days. No offense to our Young Earth friends, but that assumption is based on the mistranslation of the little Hebrew word, yom. The word yom can be translated into the word “day,” but it is more accurately translated as “a finite period of time.” That could be 24 hours, or 24 million years.

But the big difference between science and Genesis, is not the definition of words, it’s defining the Cause. In other words, science and Genesis differ big time, on what CAUSED Creation. As a believer, I agree with the vast majority of society, that Creation, required a Creator. In general terms, we refer to that creative force, as God. Many even call Him, their Heavenly Father.

But science rejects the idea of God as the Creator, and instead, they virtually worship Nature. They see all things as being natural and material, not supra-natural. They reject anything they cannot see, touch, or measure. Yet, they embrace quantum mechanics, which virtually defies logic. They reject the idea of Heaven, but embrace the multiverse. The multiverse is the theory that there are many universes. They claim that some alternate universes could have radically different physical laws, such as no entropy or a different spacetime. So according to their own theory, there could be an alternate reality, where there is no pain or death. Sounds like a Heavenly place, but I digress. Let’s get back to the beginning…

Origins, is the study of the beginning of things. So what are the three pillars of the study of origins? The beginning of the Universe, the beginning of Life, and the beginning of Humanity (homo sapiens sapiens).

Science infers that everything happened by chance. Believers say it’s by Divine Intervention. So who is right? Who has the evidence to back up their worldview? Actually, neither party has undeniable, conclusive, verified evidence. But isn’t one of the foundational claims of science, that their so-called theories are demonstrable and verifiable? Science relegates information into three basic categories: hypothesis, theory, and fact. A Hypothesis is just someone’s opinion. A Theory is an educated guess, based on the collective understanding of current data. A Fact, is an undisputed and verified reality.

So can science provide a shred of verified evidence (not hypothesis) for an uncaused Big Bang? No, they cannot.

Can they provide a shred of verified evidence (not hypothesis) for Abiogenesis, the uncaused beginning of life? No, they cannot.

Can they provide a shred of evidence (not hypothesis) that mankind evolved from bacteria? No, they cannot.

So it would seem that both worldviews are a matter of faith. Believer, versus Unbeliever. Divine intervention, versus Dumb Luck. One is viable, the other, is impossible. Do you really think that you evolved from a rock? That’s not just illogical, that’s insanity. I’ll take Creationism, over atheistic insanity, any time.

So let’s take a closer look at the Three Pillars of Naturalism:

1) An “Unknown/Uncaused” Big Bang

Many scientists believe that the Universe leaped into existence, all by itself, from nothing. That is a hypothesis, not a theory. A theory is based on evidence. A hypothesis is just someone’s opinion, based on their worldview. All effects have a cause. Their cause of the Big Bang? No one seems to know, but the Naturalists continue to cling to it like a favorite bedtime story. “Tell it to me again, Mommy!” And since there is no legitimate verifiable evidence for an uncaused Big Bang, their premise, is once again, a matter of faith. Their faith gets tested sorely though, as you press them to explain the appearance of all physical laws (Gravity, Speed of Light, Electromagnetism, etc.) as well as time and energy. They were generated by a mysterious “singularity?” That not only defies common sense, it flies in the face of all other known scientific laws. That’s not science, that’s someone’s worldview dictating an unsubstantiated outcome.

2) Abiogenesis

Abiogenesis is the hypothesis that life leaped into existence, all by itself, from non-living chemicals. That may have been an acceptable theory 150 years ago, before we understood the amazing complexity of what used to be called, the “simple cell.” But bacteria (first life created) is far, far from simple. Its unimaginable complexity (DNA, organelles, cell membrane) push it out of the realm of self-conception or self-assembly. All living entities have a drive to stay alive, but non-living chemicals have absolutely no motivation or mechanism to FORM life. The scientific study of statistical probability puts the possibility of abiogenesis into the category of literally impossible. Running a mile in four minutes, is improbable. Running it in four seconds, is impossible. Abiogenesis, is impossible. If abiogenesis were possible, we should see it happening right now, everywhere. Yet, we see the opposite. We NEVER see abiogenesis in nature, or in our billion dollar laboratories. But, but, but, the Miller-Urey experiments in the 1950s produced a handful of amino acids, right? Woohoo! Comparing amino acids to DNA is like saying you found some sand, and that proves that microchips are silicon based.

You must ask yourself, “Why is it, whenever you see a video online attempting to explain the process of abiogenesis, it’s ANIMATED?” If it were an actual (factual) event, they would use actual (factual) footage. So why do they ALWAYS use animation? Because no “actual” footage exists, because abiogenesis is not science…it’s science fiction.  The credulity of their hypothesis is unsustainable, unverified, and defies all aspects of logic and deductive reasoning. 

And it’s being force-fed to our children in the public school system. That’s not science, that’s an atheistic worldview, posing as science. It’s indoctrination, posing as education. It’s a totally biased RELIGION, masquerading as a presentation of factually verified scientific data.

3) Darwinian Evolution

Charles Darwin’s antiquated 1859 hypothesis of evolution is equally unsubstantiated. Science claims that evolution occurs over millions to billions of years, via random mutations and natural selection. The problem is, there is absolutely no verifiable or documented evidence to back up their vacuous claim. Mutations and natural selection are programmed into living things by the Creator, to allow them to adapt to their environment. But there is no evidence whatsoever that can corroborate the hypothesis that man evolved from bacteria. Darwinian evolution simply has no viable mechanism for such a transformation.

But what about the fossil record? Doesn’t it depict a process of simple-to-complex evolution? Firstly, the fossil record is not science, it is history, and very susceptible to interpretation. If your worldview is based on Naturalism, you will see evolution in the fossil record. If your worldview is based on Supra Naturalism, you will see Creation in the fossil record. Genesis declares that God started with the simpler life forms, and progressed to the more complex, culminating with homo sapiens.  But whether you embrace Naturalism or Supra Naturalism, the scientific evidence undeniably leans towards Creation. Why? Darwinian Evolution demands a GRADUAL progression from simple to complex living entities. But events such as the Cambrian Explosion, defy the Darwinian hypothesis. The Cambrian event records an explosion of life, with thousands of new creatures (body plans) appearing in the fossil record, with absolutely no evolutionary ancestors of any kind. Darwin was personally baffled by the fossil record, as are our modern-day paleontologists. Explosions of life, deny Darwinism, but corroborate Creationism. Many scientists agree: www.dissentfromdarwin.org

So as previously stated, it would appear that both belief systems, Naturalism/Darwinism and Supra Naturalism/Creationism, are both, a matter of Faith.

Additional Evidence

But the prior information barely scratches the surface of the massive evidence for Creationism. Take our planet Earth for example. Firstly, God created our Providential Planet at just the right distance from the sun. We are in the Goldilocks Zone, in order to create habitable zones that are favorable for sustaining Life. He tilted the Earth 23 degrees on its axis, to cause seasons for plant growth. He covered it with 70% water, and designed a water provision and purification system, via the process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. He gave the Earth a molten iron core, so as it rotates it generates an electromagnetic field that lets in the beneficial effects of the Sun (heat, energy, photosynthesis) while simultaneously protecting us from the harmful radiation of the sun. He gave us an unusually huge moon, to give us light at night, to gauge the months, and to stabilize our orbit. Science says that’s all just a coincidence. Logic dictates otherwise.

God then filled the earth with all kinds of delicious plant life, like watermelons, and strawberries, and asparagus, and celery, and wheat, and corn. Man may genetically modify it, but God is the original Designer.

Amazing Outrageous Grace

But then, He did the outrageous. He created mankind with a freewill; the ability to love Him, or reject Him. That allows your love to be genuine, because it was your choice.  But freewill opens the door to rebellion. And since God cannot be in the presence of sin, and as an imperfect human, you cannot be in the presence of a Holy God, we have a problem, an insurmountable problem (insurmountable for us anyway). But remember, God is God. He’s got this. From before time began, God had the Grand Design all laid out. Yes, He wanted to give his children free will. Yes, He knew that they would sin, and He knew that sin would disrupt their connection. So He did the outrageous. He came to Earth, in the form of a fellow human, and He paid the penalty of your sins, on the Cross. His name, was Jesus.

The ancient writings of the Book of Romans, says, “We have all sinned, and fallen short of God’s standard of Holiness.” It also says, “The wages of sin, is death.”  If it stopped there, we’d all be in a heap of trouble, but that verse actually goes on to say, “but the free gift of God, is Eternal Life, through faith in Jesus Christ.” So that’s how you get to heaven. That’s how you re-establish a direct connection with God. Through faith in His Son, and what He did for you on that old rugged Cross.

Origin of Racism?

But some are now claiming that America, is not systemically Faithful, but instead, we are systemically Racist. I cannot verify that assertion, simply because of a lack of evidence. Don’t get me wrong, America’s history is chocked full of racist ideologies, but so was the rest of the world. Racism was not exclusively relegated to America. It was an erroneous belief system that permeated the planet. But what are the evil origins of such humiliating worldviews? Science. That’s right, science. It was science that indoctrinated the world with hate and division. And the origin of that misinformation, is still with us today. The origin of modern racism is easily traceable to Charles Darwin’s 1859 book, “On the Origin of Species.”

Technically, Darwin did not originate the idea, but he certainly popularized it. Darwin erroneously hypothesized that all living things on planet earth, evolved from simpler, less complex species. He even drew an imaginary tree of life, with bacteria at the bottom of the trunk, and humans at the very tip top of the tree. Interesting theory, but totally devoid of factual evidence. The fossil record actually reflects just the opposite. As previously stated, events like the Cambrian Explosion, obliterate Darwin’s theory. The fossil record actually shows explosions of life, where out of nowhere, thousands of different species, with radically different body plans, appear on the scene with absolutely no previous evolutionary ancestors.

So what does this have to do with systemic racism, you might ask? On many occasions, Darwin espoused his distain of the darker races, by relegating them to a lower position on his imaginary tree of evolution. He literally classified the black race as being sub-human, the missing link between humans and monkeys. He even hypothesized that the black race would eventually evolve into white Europeans someday soon, then we can all live happily ever after in our Caucasian utopia. 

Unfortunately, if you start with a false premise, you end up with false conclusions. It turns out that the simplicity of the aboriginal races, had more to do with a lack of education, than a lack of evolution. The aboriginal races were not less evolved, as Darwin insisted. Once they were given a proper education, and an opportunity to participate in the societies of the more advanced civilizations, they prospered and equaled the intellectual progress of their Caucasian cousins.

But that took time. It took time for people to realize that Darwin’s racist dogma was simply scientific voodoo. It the meantime, racism took root, not just in America, but all over the planet. Probably the best example was Adolf Hitler. Hitler wrote that his quest for Aryan superiority, was based on Darwin’s theory of evolution. In Hitlers quest to develop the perfect human, the super race, he had his Nazi scientists conduct cruel and inhumane experiments on humans. From his false premise of evolution, he came to the erroneous conclusion that the Black race, as well as the Jews, Gypsies and many other races, were inferior, and therefore must be exterminated. The result was the holocaust. The systematic elimination of millions and millions of innocent human beings, all in the name of speeding up the evolutionary process.

But many in the field of biological evolution are now coming out of the closet, and declaring the theory to be bankrupt of any scientific evidence. Some have taken off the Darwinian blinders and expanded their worldview to embrace alternate possibilities, and in the process, they found not only Creation, they found…the Creator.

Government Indoctrination                                                                            

One of our biggest concerns is how they force feed this unsubstantiated garbage to our kids in the Government controlled, and Government mandated, Public Indoctrination School System (P.I.S.S.).

The Government literally mandates that you give them your children, for six to eight hours per day, or they will put you in jail. Sure you can homeschool, but for most parents, two incomes are virtually mandatory, just to survive. Most people cannot afford private school either. So we are left at the mercy of the government mandate: “Give us your kids for eight hours a day, or we’ll take them away from you. Then they’ll go into the foster care system, and you go to jail.” Nice.

Please keep in mind, in spite of the slightly snarky tone of this defense, we hold no person or viewpoint in contemp. But we grow weary of some of the more rabid atheists, such as Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krause, who portray our position as being a “delusion.” On the contrary, Creationism actually holds the upper hand, when it comes to legitimate scientific evidence. While neither party can conclusively prove their position beyond a shadow of doubt, one position is viable, the other is impossible.

Therefore, the next time someone tells you that the Big Bang happened all by itself…demand evidence. The next time someone tells you that Life sprang into existence, all by itself from non-living chemicals…demand evidence. The next time someone tells you that you evolved from bacteria, through random mutation and natural selection…demand evidence. Just be prepared for the inevitable: lots of talk, but no real evidence. Lots of words, with no meaning. Lots of spit and fury, but no substance. What you will actually find is the Emperor’s New Clothes: a naked emperor, thinly veiled with the thread-bare theories of naturalism.

Don’t let the confusing rhetoric and insane propaganda of so-called science, lead you astray. In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. You can count on that, my friend. Embrace the reality of Creation, and accept the Creator’s offer of Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Brian V. Cooper